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Cindy Beauchamp

In 1987, I started my university studies at the University of South Carolina and continued at a small private college named Coker College located in Hartsville, S.C. My studies ranged from exercise science to marketing to business administration. After receiving my Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, I started working with the McLeod Health hospital system as a Personal Trainer, was then promoted to Manager, and then to nurse recruiter in the HR department of McLeod Health.

I knew that one day I would own a business. Though I was unsure what kind of business until I met and married my best friend Jacques L. Beauchamp in 2001. In 2002, we decided to move to beautiful Savannah, Ga. In 2004, Jacques decided to open a Physical Therapy Company, Spine & Sport. It was then, where Cindy decided to join the team as a Personal Trainer/manager and a staff recruiter. As Spine & Sport grew in success other clinic owners began to take notice. I was asked to help with their clinical staffing needs. After several months, Jacques and I realized we had something special to offer all private owners of physical therapy facilities across the USA assistance with recruiting. It was then in 2009 TherapyNow was founded. I knew we could help other clinics like Spine & Sport grow by hiring top-notch clinical staff and administration staff. I have helped staff several INC 500/5000 Private practices across the USA.

Here I learned a necessary real-life lesson about myself; I loved helping others achieve the tasks they thought of as hard, time-consuming and not fun! I managed to put the fun back into hiring by developing relationships with Physical therapist, Occupational therapist and Physical therapy assistants all across the US map. Therefore, making it possible for clinic owners to find that top-notch clinical staff team member.

In my spare time, I enjoy gardening, running and walking my dog, Walle. Most of all, I enjoy spending time with my husband and our son, Gabriel Beauchamp exploring life!